Flagship masterpiece Carla Reference II sets the ultimate benchmark for ultra high end loudspeakers and is a true innovation in the ultra high end loudspeaker landscape.

Stunning natural sound reproduction is achieved through a combination of an open back 8" wide bandwidth bending wave core driver, an 8" custom midwoofer strategically orientated to illuminate the room with a uniform sound field, and a 10" custom woofer in an acoustic suspension configuration to provide a tight and powerful lower end.
Ondacustica technologies and patents have been used to manufacture a bending wave driver with extraordinary capabilities in terms of neutral, balanced and even sound reproduction throughout the entire surface of the panel.

The cabinet is a combination of bronze structures and rare fine Sorrento Italian solid walnut, optimally shaped and cut to control resonances.
The asymmetric shape of the bronze/wood frame supporting the bending wave driver has been designed using wave modeling software, for optimized performance at all frequencies.


The Carla Reference II features a number of bronze bass-reliefs and sculptures designed by the finest Italian artists and produced in limited number, making this a world class piece of art that delivers stunning ultra high end sound, a totally unique and exclusive loudspeaker.