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The designer of the Ondacustica loudspeakers is a world renowned artist, a sculptor and a painter.

Her passion for true style and Italian cultural heritage transpires in her creations, while favoring a minimalist approach that highlights the essentials of pure forms.

She likes working with fine and exclusive materials that evoke emotions, selecting traditional finishes that give them life.

Every single loudspeaker is a unique, unrepeatable piece of art.

Already when I got my first radio in my childhood days, I was wondering why its sound was so much different from any original music. But even in later times, after having listened to hundreds of different speakers from all brands and from all price ranges, I was still looking for the missing gap to perfection. Although classified as high end, there was hardly any speaker that succeeded to convince me, although many sound concepts - many of them deemed revolutionary - came to market within the past decades. Finally I could no longer escape from the obvious - I had to design my own speaker from scratch, using the best electronic components available, the best materials for the housing, and developing a completely new design to let the sound develop its fully natural characteristic. With an utmost effort to source all parts and with the highest enthusiasm to create something unique, finally the ONDACUSTICA speakers were born.

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