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YVONNE - Dynamic, Transparent, Olographic

The ONDACUSTICA YVONNE speaker is a beautiful piece of modern art that comes in different finishes to harmonize
in all different environments. The cabinet is built using layers of different woods to damp any resonance, the shape
has been modeled by sophisticated computer models while retaining the original artist creation and comes with a
shaped grill to give it a distinctive look.
The YVONNE speaker has a sensitivity of around 91dB and a well-behaved impedance and can be driven to
thunderous levels with a valve amplifier of just 30W and at the same time delivers surprisingly deep bass. YVONNE
drivers are time aligned, making it possible to use low order crossover filters that sound better, while state of the art
components deliver beautiful micro-details.
This speaker offers phenomenal midrange transparency and a smooth transition to the treble range, also due to the
tweeter positioned below the midrange driver providing a balanced line of view at listening height.
The bass and mid-driver used in the YVONNE form a magnificent combination, with dynamics and a degree of 3-
dimensionality rivaling any speakers.
When listening to the YVONNE, you all-of-a-sudden will realize that you have started to become more relaxed,
listening has become easier, and you'll realize what lack of coloration really means.

Technical Specifications


3 way, time aligned


Ondacustica custom tweeter

Ondacustica custom 6” midrange

Ondacustica® custom 10" bass driver


Integrated passive crossover, best in class components

Bi-amping supported


·Finest Italian artistry and craftmanship

  • 22mm Baltic birch

  • 3mm real wood veneer

·Removable grill

Standard finishes

Matte or glossy, paint or laquer 
Additional custom finishes on request


Nominal 8 Ohm


91 dB / 1 W / 1m

Frequency response

24 Hz - 31.000 Hz


Base: 36 (W) x 34 (D) cm
Total height: 106 (H) cm


40 kg

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