CARLA Reference Verona
, a quantum leap in acoustic rendering
CARLA Reference Verona innovative design breaks away from the unnatural sound shape of box loudspeakers, creating an acoustic envelope that brings the listener to center stage without artifacts. The key of this innovation is controlled directivity and polar response, where the boundaries of a listening room are brought into the equation, using them rather than trying to minimize them.

The no-compromises approach to design blends the upper panel transducers with an 8 inches midwoofer that creates an immersive soundstage, complemented by a 10 inches woofer that sets a new reference in quality acoustic drivers.
Sound is reproduced in the most natural way and creates a unique unmatched listening experience.
The CARLA Reference Verona drivers are impulse compensated by design, to match signal phases among all drivers. The crossover network uses pure analogue components and is completely transparent to the sound; it also supports bi-amping.

The Italian minimalistic design and pure forms, along with the use of specific materials and our special tone woods, eliminate any unwanted resonances and negative energy stores, creating a timeless piece of furniture.

The Carla Reference Verona is offered with matte black aluminum and bronze elements complementing the signature Ondacustica Sorrento Italian solid walnut main cabinet structure. This new sophisticated look is designed to match a contemporary style with the timeless Ondacustica elegance,
As an alternative, the Carla Reference Verona is also available featuring a number of bronze bass-reliefs and sculptures designed by the finest Italian artists and produced in limited number, making this a world class piece of art that delivers stunning ultra-high-end sound, a totally unique and exclusive loudspeaker
  • Controlled polar response

  • Ondacustica custom AMT upper panel driver
  • Ondacustica custom 5” upper panel driver
  • Ondacustica® custom 8" bass driver
  • Ondacustica® custom 10" ultra bass driver

  • Integrated passive crossover, best in class components
  • Bi-amping supported

  • Finest Italian artistry and craftmanship
  • bronze sculptures
  • Sorrento solid walnut (2cm thick) hand made cabinet

Standard finishes
  • High grade pure 17th century style shellac base, matt oil finish 
  • Optional real piano lacquer black/white
  • Additional custom finishes on request

  • Nominal 4 Ohm

  • 89 dB / 1 W / 1m

Frequency response
  • 24 Hz - 31.000 Hz

  • Base: 38 (W) x 44 (D) cm
  • Total height: 105 (H) cm

  • 48 kg